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nuts on pegSince the launch of the first PrintPads back in 2009 they have been widely sold into a wide range of industry sectors and specifically in General Retail throughout Europe and the US. The introduction of the full SQL database functionality allowed even more specific industry sectors to be addressed as their requirements to print labels with an ever-expanding range of information.

Convenience stores, Fast Food Franchises, Deli’s can now not only print the level of details they require on product labels, but they can now easily gather statistics from their PrintPad/Box telling them what has been labelled and ultimately sold. This is all done without any changes to their EPOS system. Alternatively, if they have an EPOS system that can allow connectivity then PrintPads/Boxes can utilize their existing product SKU database.



With new legislation for Food Labelling being implemented throughout the world, the Electrone & CloudBox PrintPad and PrintBox range is equipped with an SQL database on-board that is powerful and flexible enough to handle the complex requirements of Food labelling. In addition, Electrone/CloudBox have developed a number of Food-Specific labelling templates for the Food Preparation Environment as well as for “End User” product sales for items like sandwiches and other perishable items. These are available as part of the standard package of label templates/designs and included in the base cost of the software on either the PrintPad or PrintBox.



If you or your customers require a High-Quality Product Display Labelling Solution, then Electrone & CloudBox have partnered with the developers of the SYMEYO solution to ensure that our PrintPads and PrintBox will work with their printer to deliver a wide range of display labels which can be printed right at the point of Service.

This solution allows for a range of “White On Black” or various multi-coloured labels to be printed which comply with the Full Range of Regulatory Requirements.