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4Court Solutions – Now known as Electrone Ltd and its US-Based partner company, CloudBox Inc., pride themselves in being customer focused and creative when it comes to helping their clients and partners reach their technology and business development goals.

With this in mind, this website is designed to showcase the solutions developed by Electrone and which are available through CloudBox Inc. in the US and Latin America.

To meet customer requirements, Electrone & CloudBox Inc. have developed a range of intelligent printing solutions that have been successful in helping a wide range of customers improve their brand image through better in-house product labelling and ticketing.


printbox graphicUsing this technology, customers can implement a label, ticket and receipt printing strategy that is capable of handling their printing requirements today but is flexible enough to be a platform for growth and flexibility in the future.

Standalone, Networked and Cloud-based printing of customers media is what these solutions offer to users in RETAIL, HOSPITALITY, CANNABIS and other market sectors.

Recently we have carried out a number of market research activities across several industry sectors and published white papers for customers and partners to utilize Post-COVID. We have developed a in-store labelling strategy, whatever industry you operate in -

Read our in-store labelling strategy...


The benefits of OMNICHANNEL retailing, in terms of having a consistent customer experience across all consumer touchpoints, are well accepted. In order to stimulate their cash flow, Retailers now need to make their offerings even more attractive to win over customers who are likely to be more price sensitive and less loyal than ever but who still want to buy ‘value’ and not ‘cheap’. This will be relevant across all retail sectors from convenience to apparel and beyond.

4C-9XX PrintPads

The 4C-9XX PrintPads have been developed and installed in a wide range of customers in recent years. Based on the concept of offering customers and partners a powerful and flexible desktop printing platform for labels, tickets and receipts, either as standard label designs included in the “out-the-box” package or with customer-specific bespoke designs to print on custom media to their specific requirements.

With the addition of new data management features to the PrintPad’s PRiNTWORX Lite software the PrintPads and PrintBox are now able to quickly and easily produce complex Food Labels.

printpad schematic


  • Linux or Firmware based
  • USB & PS/2 Ports for Connectivity
  • Network Socket (Linux models only)
  • PRiNTWORX Lite software for Standalone, Networked or Cloud Desktop Printing (Linux models only)
  • Can use industry standard label templates
  • SQL database function available

Download PrintPad Spec Sheet

More info on PrintPads...

4C-9000 PrintBox

Electrone & CloudBox have developed the range of 4C-9000 PrintBox hardware and combined it with the PRiNTWORX Software to deliver a flexible and robust Printing solution. It provides a flexible and robust Label, Receipt and Ticket Printing Platform which can be standalone, networked or cloud-based.

By hosting the app on the 4C-9000 PrintBox the solution removes the need for a smart-device to have an on-board, app. The user simply connects using a wi-fi network from a smartphone, tablet, PC etc, then, using its browser, accesses the PrintBox to use the standard or custom label and ticket designs available to Print.

printbox schematic


  • Linux based
  • SQL database functionality as standard
  • Web enabled
  • PRiNTWORX Software for standalone, networked or Cloud printing
  • WiFi and network options
  • USB for Printer & Peripheral connection

Download PrintBox Spec Sheet

 Download Product Brief

Creating Solutions

With new legislation for labelling being implemented throughout the world, the Electrone and PrintBox range is now equipped with an SQL database on-board that is powerful and flexible enough to handle the complex requirements of labelling in todays demanding customer service environments. If you need to pull product information from a corporate database or EPOS system and integrate it into a local on-device SQL database, then the Electrone solutions provide the answer.

Recent advancements in linerless or Sticky media offers users a number of advantages over traditional methods of labelling. There is none of the environmentally UNFRIENDLY backing paper to dispose of. You can get more prints from a roll of media. It can often stand a wider range of temperatures and comes in a variety of configurations and degrees of “stickiness”. With this in mind, Electrone Ltd have partnered with key media suppliers to ensure that the solutions offered work with a range of printer models capable of handling this flexible media. In addition, Electrone Ltd has identified a printer capable of printing in the ZPL language across a wide range of media types.

A recent test using a 4C-970 with an SQL database of over 40,000 items returned an instant response to searches for specific product data. Whilst an All-In-One printing solution that uses CSV/Spreadsheet files to hold the exact same 40,000 items took between 12 and 18 seconds to find the exact same data. Which is unusable in a “real-world” customer environment.


Case Studies

Read about how our products have helped US and UK businesses improve their operations...

Shell Deli - Hinsdeli

The Hinsdale, Illinois, Shell Food Market needed to improve the efficiency of their product labeling process and also implement a clearer process for price mark-down in the gas station.
The have implemented a 970 PrintPad and Brother label printer to deliver the solution they need. The team is also using the PrintPad’s label templates to create promotions and to mark-down fresh food products to encourage sales toward the close of the business day.

Hinsdeli case study

Read the full case study...

St Mary's Hospice

Electrone in the UK has helped St Mary’s Hospice in Birmingham implement a solution to assist in the labelling of donated goods. This 4C-970 PrintPad-based solution allows the charity to easily claim back the Donor’s tax contributions by simply and quickly printing the donor ID and the Barcode on the printed price label as it is attached to the item as it goes on sale in the store.

st marys case study

Read the full case study...

Retail Gift Aid Scheme...

Hancocks of Paducah

CloudBox Inc provide a ticketing print solution to streamline the order > fulfillment > receipt process. This brings together the customer purchases and speeds up the time taken today at the POS. The PrintPads are networked to the POS product database to ensure maximum efficiency and availability of information when the ticket is produced.

Hancocks - Printing Material Order Ticket

Read the full case study...


CloudBox's PrintPad solution, combines the POS order number with the pizza ID number on a single ticket, allowing more accurate orders and faster customer delivery to get the right pizza, to the right person, in the quickest time.


Pieology - Making Pizza's

Read the full case study...

Poor labelling

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As the retail landscape is changing and new technology is offering disruptive solutions to the historical retail environment, Electrone/CloudBox Inc. have carried out extensive research into why retailers must match the customer experience in the store with what they find online with the same retailer. Our presentation demonstrates the business case for re-evaluating your in-store customer experience.

Why are these Retail Customers Utilising Electrone/CloudBox Inc. PrintPads?
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Why have Electrone PrintPad Resellers and Dealers Been Offering Their Solutions?
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